profile of a young girl
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
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Date 1912 ?
Title Profile of a young girl
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 52 x 35.6 cm
Signature: Signed "A. Modigliani" bottom left
Actual Location Unknown
Provenance -?-

Paul Guillaume, Paris?
R. Shereshewsky, Paris
J. Paul Lamb, Cleveland (at his property in1928)
Vincent Price Collection, Los Angeles (1961-?)
Unknown location

In process

Bibliography -?-

The Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Vol. 16, No. 9 (Nov., 1929), p.171
Los Angeles. Modigliani: Paintings and Drawings. Exh. cat., Los Angeles County Museum, 1961, p. 31

In process

Exhibitions -?-

Cleveland, French Art since 1800, The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1929, Lent by Paul Lamb
Harvard, School of Paris, 1910-1928, Harvard Society for contemporary Art, 1929
Brussels, Modigliani: Retrospective Exhibition. Palais des beaux-arts, 1933 (probably nº 87)
Beverly Hills, Modern Artists in transition, Moder Institute of Art of Beverly Hills, 1948
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County fair, 1949
Los Angeles, Modigliani: Paintings and Drawings. Exh. cat., Los Angeles County Museum, 1961 - nº 2

In process

Other I have never seen this painting at a color reproduction or live


Copy of the letter at the Smithsonian archives of American Art, where Seligman & Co ask the owner Paul Lamb for lending the work to New York, De Hauke exhibition in 1929


The work had a provenance in Guillaume Gallery in Paris, with this other unknown painting also sold to Lamb by Guillaume:

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