count wielhorski
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Date 1916 ? -1917?
Title Count Wielhorski (Unfinished)?
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 114 x 72 cm?
Signature: Signed "modigliani" top right
Actual Location Private Collection
Provenance -?-
In Restellini text: l'ange au visage grave, Musée du Luxembourg, 2002

This work was Nº 8 titled "Portrait de Count W - unfinished" at Berthe weill exhibition in 1917, acquired to Zborowski in 1919 by "a great french family of collectors" where ir remained until it surfaced in the English market in the 70´s
It was never on an exhibition since 1917. In the french edition he adds "by the intermediation of Paul Guillaume?"

Restellini in his book l'ange au visage grave, Musée du Luxembourg, 2002, p. 286 presents another version of the same diptic in a small picture next to the painting, clearly another version of the one printed by the gallery,
I have no idea if they printed two brochures.

Private Collection?

In process

Bibliography -?-

Decrooq-Restellini, L'Ange au visage grave, Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, 2002, pp. 286-287
Marini, Modigliani , Skira, France, 2008

In process

Exhibitions -?-

Paris, Modigliani: l'ange au visage grave, Musée du Luxembourg, 2002 - nº 56 (Restellini dates in 1917)
Milano, Modigliani: l'ange au visage grave, Palazzo Reale, 2003 - nº 39

In process

Other Not in D´Atri papers ?

Detail of the ears where the drawing is clearly visible and is painted over the color (on top of the color)



There is another 3 version of the Count Wielhorski/ also there is a huge controversy if it is Wielhorski or Dilewski:

amedeo modiglianiDilewski with a cane-Dilewski the photographer amedeo modigliani

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