portrait de joseph levi amedeo modigliani
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 22 Nº 17 Nº 27 YES 13/1909 Nº 31 YES YES
Date 1909 ? - 1910 ?
Title Joseph Lévi
Materials Oil on Canvas
Size 55 x 46 cm (Patani/Klein: 55 x 50 - Decrooq/Restellini: 53.7 x 48.7)
Signature: Signed "Modigliani" top left
Actual Location Private Collection ?
  • -?-

    Gaston Levi Collection, NY (until 1955?)
    Collection Etienne Bignou?
    Private collection, Paris ?

    Ceroni say: Levi Collection, NY
    Pfannstiel say Levi Collection > sold to Bignou > Private collection Paris
    D'Atri say: Col. J. Lévi until 1933 > sold to Etienne Bignou, Paris
    Patani say Levi Collection, Paris
    Christie's say: Joseph Lévi ( the sitter) Paris by decent to the present owner (2008)

    Sale Christie's - SALE 7562 - Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale London | 4 February 2008
    Lot 25 - Estimate: 400,000 - 600,000 GBP - Sold 412,500 GBP

    Private Collection ?

  • -?-

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    In process

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Not in D'Atri papers


Signature of the painting:



Detail of the ear where the drawing is clearly visible and is painted over the color (on top of the color)



There is painting " man with a moustache" dated 1913 in the Denver art museum that Restellini recall as the son of Joseph Levi, is actually named as "mon concierge" since it was for sale at
Jacques Seligmann & Co, NY as loaned from Frank Crownishdale? 420 Lexingtron Av. NY

The Denver art museum reflects the provenance only as a gift of Mrs. Rhoda Semo in 1980.
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Another painting with expertise by d'Atri could also fit in the description given by the experts but is all on the doubt zone

d atri  unknown man

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