XIII Exposizione Internazionale d'Arte

XIII Biennale di Venezia
Sala 12
Mostra Individuale di Amedeo Modigliani
15 April - 31 October 1922

12 paintings

have in mind:
work in progress
Catalogue of paintings:
Hanka seated arm on chair amedeo modigliani Woman in black amedeo modigliani Jeanne Hébuterne with hat amedeo modigliani
Nº 1
Donna in Bianco
(Woman in white)
oil on canvas
Nº 2
La mani incrociate
(The hands crossed)
oil on canvas
Nº 3
(Jeanne Hébuterne)
oil on canvas
man amedeo modigliani Woman with necklace amedeo modigliani woman amedeo modigliani
Nº 4
Ritratto di giovanotto
(Young man portrait)
oil on canvas
Nº 5
La Baronessa Mettingen or il colletto bianco?
(Mettingen Baroness)
oil on canvas
Nº 163671
Nº 6
Il capelli Tagliati
(Woman with cutted hair?)
oil on canvas
Nº 163668
woman with band in hair Femme au corsage blanc amedeo modigliani Lunia Czechowska amedeo modigliani
Nº 7
La Donna dal nastro azurro
(Woman with blue ribbon)
oil on canvas
Nº 163672
Nº 8
Il corsetto paglierino
(The yellow corset)
oil on canvas
Nº 163670
Nº 9
Il colletto bianco
(The white collar)
oil on canvas
Nº 163669
Gypsy Woman with Baby amedeo modigliani madame cdamedeo modigliani Servant amedeo modigliani
Nº 10
Madre e figlio - La Zingara
(Mother and child - the gypsy)
oil on canvas
Nº 163674
Nº 11
Una ragazza
(Young girl)
oil on canvas
Nº 163677
Nº 12
La Giovane Fantesca
(The young fancy)
oil on canvas
Nº 163673