modigliani unmasked

15 September - 4 February, 2017-18
Jewish Museum
New York

Curator: Mason Klein


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NOTE: I will just center in the Modigliani works, the rest just a mention
cover of the catalogue
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Circus Performer
Marionette with Strings
Portrait of a Medium
Spiritualist Séance 5 6
Spiritualist Séance
Columbine with a Fan Columbine Wearing Culottes
7 8 9
Columbine with a Fan Pierrot with Ruff Paul A. with left hand in his pocket
10 11 12
Paul A. with left hand on his hip Paul A. Head and Shoulders Paul Alexandre
13 14 15
Paul Alexandre Paul Alexandre Paul Alexandre in Front of a Window
Unfinished portrait Paul Alexandre amedeo modigliani the jewess amedeo modigliani other author
Unfinished Portrait of P. Alexandre The Jewess Mask, Fang-Ntumu peoples
19 Maud Abrantès in Bed 21
Woman with a Beauty Spot Maud Abrantès in Bed Face of Maud Abrantès
22 woman profile amedeo modigliani beggar woman amedeo modigliani
Maud Abrantès Woman in Profile The Beggar Woman
nude woman bust amedeo modigliani maud abrantes nude woman bust amedeo modigliani 2 Male Heads, 1 Self-Portrait
Nude with a Hat Maud Abrantes 2 Male Heads, 1 Self-Portrait
5 Male Heads, 1 Self-Portrait Modigliani, Bearded (self-portrait) Study for the Amazon
5 Male Heads, 1 Self-Portrait Self-Portrait with Beard Study for the Amazon
27 28 30
Study for the Amazon Study for the Amazon Study for the Amazon
31 32 the amazone amedeo modigliani
Study for the Amazon Study for the Amazon The Amazon
33 34


Anna Akhmatova seated

Head Nude with a Candle and Chandeliers Anna Akhmatova Seated
36 Standing female nude 38
Kneeling Caryatid Female Nude Seated Female Nude
39 40 41
Seated Female Nude Female Nude Lying on stomach Female Nude Lying on stomach
42 43 44
Seated Female Nude Actress in a Long Dress Woman
45 46 47
Male Head within a rectangle Male Head and Shoulders Head full face
48 49 50
Head Head and Shoulders Head
51 52 53
Head Head Female Head
54 55 56
Head in right profile on a plinth Head in Profile Head in Profile
57 58 59
Head in Profile Head in Profile Head in Profile
60 61 62
Head Head with Earrings Head with Earrings
63 64 65
Head Head and Shoulders Head and Shoulders
66 67 68
Head with fringe Head on plinth Head and Shoulders
69 70 71
Head Head Head and Shoulders
woman in profile 73 74
Woman in Profile Head Head of a Woman
75 76 77
Head of a Woman Head Head
78 79 80
Woman’s Head Standing Nude Standing Figure in Profile
81 82 83
Nude with Shawl and High Heels Female Nude Female Nude
84 85 86
Female Nude Female Nude Nude lying on her back
87 88 89
Seated female nude Kneeling Male Nude Nude Lying on right side
90 91 92
Nude Lying on left side Nude, Lying on Left Side on a Couch Nude reclining, head leaning on left hand
93 94 95
Nude Reclining, Right Arm in Front Nude with Wing arms, recto (Head verso) Female Nude
96 97 98
Female nude leaning forward, in left profile Nude Leaning on Her Left Elbow Seated Female Nude
99 100 101
Woman Reclining La Petite Jeanne La Petite Jeanne
102 103 104
Adrienne Adrienne Standing Woman
105 106 107
Woman with Left Breast Bared Woman Seated Woman in a Low-Cut Gown
108 109 110
Seated Woman Head Jean-Baptiste Alexandre with a Crucifix
111 112 113
The Cellist Boy with Hands Clasped on His Knees Boy in Front of a Mantelpiece
114 115 lola de Valence amedeo modigliani
Seated Bearded Man Seated Bearded Man Lola de Valence
Hanka Zborowska amedeo modigliani Dr. Deveraigne amedeo modigliani bust of Manuel Humbertamedeo modigliani
Hanka Zborowski Docteur Devaraigne Manuel Humbert
Roger Dutilleul amedeo modigliani Lunia seated amedeo modigliani Jeanne Hébuterne with a yellow sweater amedeo modigliani
Roger Dutilleul Lunia Czechowska Jeanne Hébuterne with Yellow Sweater
116 117 118
Death Mask of Amedeo Modigliani Head in the Shape of an Ionic Capital Caryatid
119 120 121
Caryatid on a Plinth with Candles Caryatid Kneeling on a Plinth with 3 Candles Kneeling Caryatid
122 123 124
Kneeling Nude Kneeling Caryatid Kneeling Caryatid
125 126 127
Caryatid Kneeling on a Plinth Monumental Caryatid Male Caryatid
128 129 130
Male caryatid, hands behind head Male Caryatid Female nude
131 132 133
Female Nude Caryatid Caryatid with Pelmet
134 135 136
Caryatid with Pelmet Male nude, frontal view Caryatid with Columns
Cariatide amedeo modigliani Caryatid 138
Caryatid Caryatid Caryatid
139 Caryatid - c. 1914 Hobby collection actually at Museum of fine arts, houston  
Rose Caryatid Caryatid