Modigliani. Legend of Montparnasse

Seoul, Seoul Arts Center

Hangaram Art Museum, 26 June - 4 October 2015

Curator: Rudy Chiapini
with the help of Christian Parisot Archives Legalees Modigliani

In process

nude woman bust amedeo modigliani maud abrantes nude woman bust amedeo modigliani Paul Alexandre green background amedeo modigliani
The Jewess Maud Abrantes Paul Alexandre
Unfinished portrait Paul Alexandre amedeo modigliani jean baptiste alexandre- alexandres father amedeo modigliani


Paul Alexandre unfinished Alexandre's father caryatide
Circa 1914-1915, 49 x 32 cm,
gouache on paper,
Private Collection, Rome, Italy

Cariatide amedeo modigliani


Lunia Czechowska amedeo modigliani
Red caryatide
oil on canvas
P.C. San Francisco, USA
ink and graphite and pastel on paper
MAM, Paris
Lunica Czechowska white collar
soutineamedeo modigliani

Louise amedeo modigliani

Cheron amedeo modigliani

Soutine Louise Cheron
Paul guillaume Novo pilota amedeo modigliani Antonia amedeo modigliani Woman amedeo modigliani
Paul Guillaume Antonia Beatrice Hastings unfinished
manuel Humbert amedeo modigliani

Celine howardamedeo modigliani

Reclining nude with loose hair amedeo modigliani
Manuel Humbert Celine Howard Nude
Leopold Survage amedeo modigliani L' Atelier Kisling/Modigliani amedeo modigliani L' Atelier Kisling/Modigliani amedeo modigliani
Léopold Survage Kisling Atelier Kisling Atelier II
Mme. Survage amedeo modigliani Woman amedeo modigliani Jeanne Hébuterne seated in bed  amedeo modigliani
Mme. Survage Woman Jeanne Hébuterne
 amedeo modigliani Woman amedeo modigliani Woman with black hair amedeo modigliani
Jeanne Hebuterne Woman Young Brunette
Works on paper
Seated nude - 1913-14 nudo di donna seduta Hanka Zborowska seated with hand in lap
Seated Nude
Color pencil on paper
Seated nude woman 117
Hanka Zborowska seated
24 Caryatide- 1913 young nude man - 1915- watercolor on sketch paper Avignon musee calvet
Seated nude, hands in floor
Pencil on paper
Farsetti Arte, Prato
Female Nude (Head erect)
Black crayon on paper
Young nude man
Watercolor on paper
Musee Calvet, Avignon
womanface-1916-ink on paper - private collection rome
Cariatide rose - private collection rome 1913-14
cariatide - 1915 - private collection rome
Woman face
Ink on paper
P.C. Rome
Cariatide Rose
Gouache and pencil on paper
P.C. Rome
Gouache on paper
P.C. Rome
Crouching nude - 1910-11

man head amedeo modigliani

Jean Cocteau

Crouching nude
Pencil on paper
Triton Foundation
Man Face
1915-1916, 41.2 x 26 cm,
pencil and oil with gouache on cardboard
Avignon Musée Calvet
Jean Cocteau
Circa 1916, 38 x 26 cm, pencil on brown paper
Private Collection, USA
It is curious that in this exhibition none of the subsequent Genoa claimants said anything...